The Guidelines is a contest and forum site designed to be a fun place to make quality images with the image editing software of your choice and share good conversation and editing techniques with like minded people. It is our intent to provide a place for friendly competition and a community atmosphere for those who want to participate. It is also our desire to build a membership base of friendly and fair minded people who will contribute to making the site a fun place to call home.

Our guidelines are quite simple. We ask users of the site to play fair and have fun.

The guidelines for entering contests are quite simple. When you enter an image, try to be as anonymous as humanly possible. When you vote on an image, do so with the utmost sense of honesty and integrity. Read and follow the directions. We really don't want to disqualify any image from the contests because of someone not following simple directions but we will. Contact any admin using either the email or PM option if you have any questions about the directions. We are not prudes at but we also are running a PG13 site. This means no nudity or porn.

The guideline for forum participation is simple, too. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

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