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The Staff at Choppix.com

The staff at choppix.com includes babaloo, Hypertaf, Keb, and mashby. What do they do? They write and monitor the contests to ensure that things go fairly and smoothly. Their jobs also include but are not limited to: remedy engineering, saltlick cashiering, sandwich artistry, pressure washing, self storage managing, slubberdoffing, swishy hairdressing, mother repairing, bat cave scavenging and some extra stuff that allows them to drink beer, smoke, and fantasize about Herman Melville. They are also identified in the Forum posts as "Real Nice Person".

mashby's Missives

  1. Be good to other people.
  2. Don't be an asshole.

Site Themes

  • I don't like the theme you are using. Can I change mine?


  • OK. How do I do it?

    We have the site set so members and guests can select the theme of their choice. Here is a short tutorial on performing the task:

    1. Go to the home page.

    2. Use the theme selector to find a different one.

    3. Select the theme of your choice and carry on.

  • What happened? My theme changed all by itself.

    We sometimes change the Forum Default theme to reflect a holiday or special occasion.

Other Neat Stuff

In no particular order:

  1. When viewing an active contest, you can see what images you haven't rated yet. UNRATED will appear above these.
  2. Often times, you may enter an animated GIF. Depending on the physical size of the image, an admin may make the thumbnail animated as well.
  3. The Next Image/Previous Image links in an active contest will navigate you through the images based on when they were entered. After a contest is over, the Next Image/Previous Image links will navigate you through the images based on final score.
  4. Admins have little extra rights when it comes to contests. They cannot view the author until it ends, just like all other users. If an entry is flagged for whatever reason, admins can then see the author, but that is so a dialogue can take place with the author. Admins also make the contests and can view them before they start. That is so we don't just publish a contest without making sure everything is hunky dory. Admins are humans, too.
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